How Mason Works

Mason gives you end-to-end control over the hardware, operating system,
and management of mobile devices. Designing a mobile ecosystem tailored
to your software has never been easier.

S C A L E    W I T H     E A S E 


Deploy turn-key devices

We'll ship provisioned devices anywhere in the world
pre-loaded with your app and defined configuration.

P R O V I S I O N E D    &    R E A D Y - T O - G O 

Deployment of your app and devices has never been easier.

Save time and hassle with our easy provisioning services.

Start with one device and scale to thousands without having to worry about inventory, device set-up, or shipping.

Manage your devices from a central hub so you always know their location, status, and can remote wipe any compromised units.

Gain full control over your fleet with device-specific diagnostics and over-the-air app or system updates.


Support & manage your device remotely

Take full control of when & how your apps are updated. Schedule ahead or push a critical update immediately, its all in your control.

S Y S T E M    U P D A T E S

A P P    U P D A T E S 


Change your core configuration or deploy security patches to make sure your devices always fit your current needs.

Start prototyping the perfect mobile product today.
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