Big things are in the works here at 

Mason, are you interested in joining
us on our adventure?

At Mason we build software and services to help companies deploy their very own fleet of purpose-built Android devices -- think "Mobile Infrastructure As A Service".

We need help in these key areas...

Backend Software Engineer

This position is designed for our future go-to backend services person. Our core backend needs will involve some or all of the following:

- Architect Mason's web service properties to handle the 

   expected scale and reliability requirements
- Enhance our core over-the-air update infrastructure

- Implement an authorization story for our web services

- Help translate customer specific requirements into 

   generic solutions

- Architect and build new web services and tools

Android Software Engineer

Systems Engineer

Our core needs for this position involve some or all of the following:

- Android device bring up on a variety of platforms
  (Qualcomm, Rockchip, etc)

- Integrating device-specific features that require
   low-level modifications

- Auditing, modifying, and/or debugging the whole range of
  Android/Linux subsystems

- Coordinating Android CTS suite runs on portfolio devices

- Working closely with device manufacturers and the rest of the
   engineering team to provide solutions for supporting niche
   hardware and/or accessories

- Maintaining and testing device compatibility for Mason’s
   platform needs as well as external certification requirements

Email to apply

Some of our core Android needs will involve some or
all of the following:

- Building or modifying Android framework code
   for our portfolio devices

- Building core on-device system apps that enable a
   variety of our platform's core functionality

- Architecting end-to-end functionality that works seamlessly
   across a variety of devices

- Writing, maintaining, and documenting Android
   SDKs for customers

- Working closely with backend engineers to design
   and consume cloud services

- Helping translate customer-specific requirements
   into generic solutions

At Mason, we value people over everything else (ok, except maybe our puppies. And Tacos Chuki's).

What its like @ Mason

Our values

We strive to embody our Core Values and look for the same in our future coworkers. They boil down to:

Dare to Be Curious

Be a Skeptical Optimist







Here are some things we consider perks:

- Weekly "Mason University" lessons. Past topics include
   Fonts, Stonemasonry, GPS, Blockchain, Lock-picking, etc.

- Monday team-wide lunches

- Board game Fridays!

- Quarterly team outings

- Summer barbeques

- Dogs!